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Carole Spandau Paints Montreal
Carole Spandau Peint Montréal
11X14 Fairmount Bagel
11X14 Interior of Wilensky's
11X14 Restaurant Ti Amo
11X14 Ritz Carlton in Winter
11X14 Kids playing hockey-Beauty's
11X14 Kids playing hockey -Monkland Ave.
11X14 Outdoor rink in the city
11X14 Prince Arthur
12X18 Kids playing hockey- Fairmount Bagel
16X20 Kids playing hockey- Wilensky's
16X20 Café Fruit Folie- St. Denis
20X24 Winter Stroll
11X14 Bagg Synagogue
20X24 Resto La Grande Terrasse
9X12 Gibby's in Old Montreal
16X20 Schwartz's Lineup
20X24 Ritz Carlton with couple
9X12 Montreal Forum circa 1960
11X14 Pond Hockey
20X24 Schwartz's window and sign
20X24 Staircases in winter
Montreal Pool Room
11X14 Place Jacques Cartier
16X20 Kids playing hockey-St. Viateur Bagel
8X10 Baron Byng High School
© Carole Spandau Any reproduction in part or in full of the works is prohibited. The paintings and the logo shown on this site are the exclusive property of the artist Carole Spandau.
© Carole Spandau Toute reproduction, totale ou partielle des oeuvres est interdite. Le logo ainsi que toutes les oeurves sur ce site sont la propriété exclusive de Carole Spandau.
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